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Weekend Warrior: In like a Lion, Out on a Stretcher?

Ah, those first warm breezes of spring! Soon even the most devout winter couch potato’s dreams turn from football on television to those long-harbored visions of a major landscaping project or exterior home refresh. It’s not just baseball where spring hopes spring eternal!

But sudden activity shifts need to be approached cautiously. "Weekend warrior syndrome" is real — and painful — as discovered every year by sedentary individuals whose New Year's resolutions cause them to leap full-tilt into gym workouts.

And who knew that weekend warrior syndrome can also be seasonal? Thousands of injuries are suffered every spring when formerly sedentary folks begin gardening, climbing ladders, using lawn equipment such as mowers, and, in the process, breathing fumes from chemicals.

The Bultsma Agency Team understands the emerging warriors of spring, and we would like to offer some simple advice that may help prevent your dreams of gain from all-too-quickly sinking into the depths of pain:

• Warm up before working out. If it’s right for the gym, it’s right for the yard. Those winter muscles need to be loosened up before easing into harder tasks. Just watch baseball teams at spring training — they do plenty of exercise and run many laps before picking up those gloves, balls and bats.

• Wear proper clothing. You want to be comfortable, but protected from the sun, and your clothing should not be so loose it risks catching on lawnmowers, hedgers, trimmers, or other outdoor equipment.

• Use proper sunscreen. That spring sun can be hotter than it feels, so remember to reapply the lotion at regular intervals.

• Use protective gear. If you are performing tasks involving flying debris, paint, chemical sprays, or contact with potentially harmful plants and thorns, always wear proper eye, hand, head and other protective gear.

• Pace yourself. “No pain, no gain” may be a motivating mantra for top athletes, but it’s terrible advice for us regular folks. Pain is your body’s way of telling you to ease off before things get worse. Especially with sharp or repetitive pains, take the hint and take a break. That tree or walkway has waited all winter; it can wait till tomorrow.

This spring, Bultsma Agency hopes you remember to take good care of yourself as well as your home and yard. While we enjoy helping our clients with the proper insurance coverages for when things do go wrong, we also believe no pleasant day outdoors should end with a ride to the emergency room. You want to enjoy this great weather in a swing, not a sling!


Spring: So Much Fun, So Many Injury Risks

Weekend warriors attempting home projects are not the only ones emerging from winter hibernation into the warmth of spring. All folks, but especially children, who see this season as the time to leap full-tilt back into play activities risk injury if they are careless and jump in too fast. According to the 2012 statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), here is the estimated number of injuries from a few common springtime recreational activities:

• ATVs, mopeds, minibikes: 226,549.

• Baseball and softball: 265,471.

• Basketball: 569,746.

• Bicycles and accessories: 556,660.

• Exercise and exercise equipment: 459,978.

• Playground equipment: 271,475.

• Swimming, pools, equipment: 190,347.


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