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Winterize Your Home Checklist

It's that time of year again, when we need to start thinking about the harsh effects that our weather has on our homes. Getting ahead of the game and winterizing your home will help prevent damage over the winter months which in return will keep your home insurance premiums lower!

  1. Protect your pipes

  2. Weatherproof

  3. Check that fireplace

  4. Block the cold from getting in

  5. Upgrade your thermostat

  6. Protect your plants

  7. Bring the outdoors in

  8. Maintain outdoor equipment

  9. Save on energy bills

  10. Efficient Furnance

  11. Be Roof-Ready

  12. Keep windows from losing heat

More information on how to winterize your home is available at

As always, if the winter months do cause damage to your home or personal property we are here to guide you through the claim process!

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